Eve Oriental Dance

Daqqat : Summer workshop

Daqqat invites you to experience the Oriental typical connection between the body, the rhythm and the ground


Daqqat 2016

Wednesday 6, 13, 20 & 27th July 2016

Zills, eurhythmics and Oriental rhythms

Fun and lively method for understanding the structures of rhythm and developing skills on the zills. Please have preferably some basic knowledge of oriental dance and sagattes already.

Oriental Dance

Through various sequences, we explore the links between the body and rhythm to make the movements more lively, genuine and varied. Each course is taken up with different rhythm families.
Level: from beginners with basic knowledge through to advanced.

Accompanied by the Lebanese percussionist Louai El Ali.


Dojo du Brochet
55, rue du Brochet
1050 Bruxelles (Germoir/Jourdan) > Map

Themes change each year. The next Daqqat workshop will take place in 2018 !


Please pre-register by sending an email to evedanse@yahoo.com with name, phone, the course you are intending to take (zills & rhythms and/or dance + dates).


1 lesson : 12,50€
4x1 lessons : 42€ (10,50€/lesson)

The workshop is organised by PEL asbl. Payment in person, before the lesson.

The law of rhythm is a great law which is hidden behind nature. It is in accordance with this law that every form is made and that every condition manifests to view. The creation, therefore, is not merely a phenomenon of vibrations without any restrictions. If there were no rhythm, if it were not for the law of rhythm, we would not have distinct forms and intelligible conditions.
Hazrat Inayat Khan