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The music turns to movement and light, the most ordinary event becomes a party... That's the magic of Oriental dance.

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Learning Oriental dance is discovering a different way to move and find a deep link to the rhythm, to the body, to gravity.

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Holistic flexibility

Discover Holistic flexibility, an approach acting on muscle chains and fascias that progressively improves our flexibility and posture.

> Holistic flexibility
Learn more on Oriental dance

Despite its apparent easiness, authentic Egyptian dance conceals a subtle and precise interplay of the energy circulation.

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14, 21 & 28/03/19 - Waterloo
Holistic flexibility

A new session of workshops, 3 different themes

> Flexibility

23/01/19 - Etterbeek
Modified schedule !

New schedule on Wednesday from now on : 18.30 Flexibility and 19.30 Oriental dance lev I

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Offer a gift that is both original and good for health : an Oriental dance lesson in a nice gift card !

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