Practical information

Prices, registration, addresses and maps, clothing, holidays... All you need to know about the lessons


Organization : Saint-Gilles Sport asbl

Card 10 classes
Residents of Saint-Gilles : 60€ / Other : 70€
+ reduced prices : social / student / senior
1st trial class is free

Payment with bank transfer or at the desk with bank card (no cash). Information about cost and payment : tel. 02 / 850 40 58 office hours.

Centre sportif de Saint-Gilles

rue de Russie, 41 - 1060 Bruxelles (Porte de Hal / Midi)
Dance room on the groundfloor / right


Organization : Sport'in Commune d'Anderlecht

Information folder (FR)

Contact payment / registration : Marie, tél. 0495 87 95 80.

Ecole Moortebeek (P15)

Rue A. Willemyns 337, 1070 Anderlecht (Westland Shopping)
Sport block at the bottom, walk across the 1st building and the playground


Organization : Espace Santé asbl

Payment & registration : more information soon !

Espace Santé

Chaussée de Hal 2A, 1400 Nivelles (free access to the parking shared with IPET)

Registration & general information

Before your first lesson, please send an email with your name, phone number, the course you are intending to take (day/level) :

Agenda of classes and holidays

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Levels and requirements

Level I : 0 to 2 years of Oriental dance

Level II : At least 1-2 years of Oriental dance
OR basic skills of Oriental dance + experience in other dances or bodywork techniques

Level III : At least 2-3 years of Oriental dance + good physical ease
OR At least 1-2 years of Oriental dance + good level in other dances or bodywork techniques

Clothing & props


Wear clothes that move and are close-fitting : jazz style stretchy trousers or leggings, leotard or unitard, etc. Long and wide skirt on top if you like. Bare feet, socks or thin and flexible pumps.

Holistic fitness / flexibility

Wear clothes that move and are close-fitting + a warm layer for floor work + socks. Unless otherwise indicated, materials for the exercises (floor mat, balls, bands, etc.) will be loaned to students.