Eve Danse

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Angham, "Melodies", is a project launched by Eve to bring Eastern music and dance to life in the spirit of the Egyptian golden age. In the form of takht (traditional form of chamber music), a group of musicians play timeless melodies, create new music and beautiful improvisations for sombre and poetic dances.

The project also consists of dance workshops with the backing of musicians. By teaching rhythms and sequences from the show, Eve shares the very best of her research into musicality and movement.

9 and 10 February 2013. Download the factsheet Angham (FR)

Taj, the eternal love

Taj, The eternal love

A moving show in which theatre, traditional Indian dances and Bollywood come together, with artists from India and Europe.

A delve into the legendary love story behind the building of the Taj Mahal. Eve took part as a dancer (2015-2017).

Karavan Festival

Karavan Festival

Karavan is a project that was set up by Eve in order to allow people to discover popular dances in the Eastern world.

During the first edition in 2011, "Karavan, Women’s dances from Marrakech to Tunis" proposed a series of lessons and a show devoted to the traditional dances of North Africa.

In 2012, Karavan brought the public to an imaginary journey to Turkey and Iran with Simona Jovic, Nil Yogurtcu and Annick Baillieul.

Cairo Nights

Cairo Nights Festival

Etoiles du Nil gathers more than 20 Egyptian artists - musicians, singers and dancers - who play Oriental and Egyptian music and dances. Eve has co-organized with Etoiles du Nil the Cairo Nights Festival in 2012 and the show "On the Banks of the Nile" in 2013 .

"Cairo Nights" Festival

Wonderful show and workshops for the public exhibiting Eastern and Egyptian music and dance

"On the Banks of the Nile"

Show which draws on traditional music and dance from Egypt

Frontier burners

Eve supported the project and realized the French subtitling of the documentary "Brűleurs de frontičres" (Frontier burners) by Mouhssine El Badaoui (Morocco/Belgium), IAD, 2002.

Get fit at the office !

Office ergonomics

En forme au bureau ! (Get fit at the office !) is a campaign that was developed in 2005 by the not-for-profit association Prevent (institute for prevention and protection in the workplace / occupational safety and health). The campaign’s objective is to encourage workers to practice simple exercises to relieve them of the burden placed on muscles by working on a screen.

Eve helped by selecting the exercises, coming up with text for posters, leaflets and articles and modelling for photos.




Eve created websites from A to Z (graphics, html and css, putting websites online and referencing) for her projects or artistic collaborations.

Online : Eve Oriental Dance (www.evedanse.be) Former projects : Karavan Festival (www.festivalkaravan.be), Cairo Nights Festival (2012-2014), Mandorla Ballet School (2009-2010)