Eve Oriental Dance

Oriental dance lessons

From beginners to advanced, Eve's collective classes offer an effective learning in a friendly atmosphere

Schedule September 2017 > June 2018

Monday 18.30-19.30

Oriental Dance level I

Centre sportif Saint-Gilles (P. de Hal/Midi)

Tuesday 19.30-20.30

Oriental Dance level II to III

Studio 51 (Mérode)

Wednesday 12.30-13.30

Oriental Dance level I

Centre sportif Saint-Gilles (P. de Hal/Midi)

Wednesday 18.30-19.30

Oriental Dance level III
Temporarily suspended !

K-Danse (Mérode)

Wednesday 20.00-21.00

Oriental Dance level I

Studio 51 (Mérode)

Practical information


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Practical information

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Level I : 0 to 2 years of Oriental dance

Level II : At least 1-2 years of Oriental dance
OR basic skills of Oriental dance + experience in other dances or bodywork techniques

Level III : At least 2-3 years of Oriental dance + good physical ease
OR At least 1-2 years of Oriental dance + good level in other dances or bodywork techniques

Show 17 & 18 March

Welcome if you want to take part in the Oriental choreography for the Show 2018 !

Choreo Show 2018

Knocking at the same door over and over always results in the door opening eventually. Or perhaps a neighbouring door becomes ajar, which we haven’t seen before, and it is even more beautiful.
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Private lessons

Private lessons mean that the work can be specially adapted so that it is tailor-made, flexible and intensive


- Individual or group lessons by appointment. Beginner to advanced level
- Tailor-made courses for associations, companies (teambuilding / anti-stress), special events (e.g. hen parties)


- Oriental dance : studying a specific movement, helping to overcome the obstacles (approach to posture and coaching, method of work), honing one’s style, going up a level and much more
- creation/correction of a choreography
- Traditional dances : Egyptian saaidi, Turkish gypsy, Moroccan chaabi
- Holistic flexibility
- Zills as musical instrument or for the dance
- Rhythm : eurythmics and coordination, Oriental rhythms


English - Français - Nederlands

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Gift Card

Forget about chocolates, offer a gift that is both original and good for health : an Oriental dance lesson on a nice gift card !

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