Lessons Oriental dance

With a clear and structured pedagogy, Eve invites you to discover another way to use the body, another culture and a fascinating musical world.

Collective lessons

From beginners to advanced, Eve's collective classes offer an effective learning in a friendly atmosphere

Schedule September 2021 > June 2022

Please note that the Monday evening lesson at Saint-Gilles is now stopped (update 18/10/2021)

Tuesday 18.30-19.30

Oriental Dance lev I

Anderlecht (Westland)

Tuesday 19.45-21.00

Holistic flexibility

Anderlecht (Westland)

Thursday 19:00-20:00

Oriental Dance lev I to II

Espace Santé (Nivelles)

Thursday 20:00-21:00

Holistic flexibility

Espace Santé (Nivelles)

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Practical  information


Before your first lesson, please send an email with your name, phone number, the course you are intending to take (day/level) :


Summer special 2021

A special edition of 3 lessons with a taste of travel between North Africa and Middle-East


Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon... Discover the beautiful music and dances from various Oriental countries, their links with Oriental dance or their differences.

6, 13 & 20th July and 10, 17 & 24th August 2021

From 20:30 to 21:30

Placenbsp;: Dojo du Brochet, 55 rue du Brochet, 1050 Ixelles
(Germoir / Natation)

Cost & registration

One-price : 10€ per lesson (lessons can be attended separately)

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Private lessons

Private lessons
Private lessons Oriental dance

Private lessons mean that the work can be specially adapted so that it is tailor-made, flexible and intensive


- Individual or group lessons by appointment
- Tailor-made courses for associations, companies, special events
- Beginner to advanced level


- Classical Oriental dance, saaidi, baladi, Turkish Gypsy dance, Moroccan Chaabi
- studying a specific movement, helping to overcome the obstacles (approach to posture and coaching, method of work), honing one’s style, going up a level and much more
- Creation/correction of a choreography
- Zills, eurythmics and coordination, Oriental rhythms

Via Activité Smart

La danse ne s'imite pas, elle s'initie de l'intérieur, et lorsqu'on copie la forme dans son apparence, on reste ignorant du suc qui la sous-tend.
Virgine Recolin
Adara Sánchez Anguiano
Sketch : Adara Sánchez Anguiano (with permission)

A novel approach

Thanks to light-hearted exercises, students learn to use the body’s fundamental mechanisms (spiral patterns, balance) in conjunction with the laws of physics (gravity, centrifugal and centripetal forces).

This constitutes the essence of all Oriental dances but also african or afro-latin dances. It is the key to achieving fluidity, presence, the saving of energy, improvisation, memory and the sense of rhythm. Without it, there is only "technique" and the dance is becoming westernised.

Moving from the western way (mental/muscular) to the eastern way (energetic), learning to "not do", requires careful work and is a unique experience. It also enriches the practice of other arts (authenticity, awareness and fluidity) and improves the quality of movement in every day life (ergonomics).