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Eve Oriental Dance

The workshops

Workshops allow particular subjects to be explored in depth. They allow years of research and experience to be covered within the space of a few hours and the results are delivered in a clear and accurate manner. This way they contribute towards improving the level of all participants, be they beginners or more advanced.

Next workshop

10/12/2017 Basic Movements and Bases of the Movement

Discover or improve the basic movements of Oriental dance : shifts, twists, drops, rocks... and through them, discover and master the principles of the Oriental movement.
Basics + upgrading

Sunday 10th December
Place : Pianofabriek (Saint-Gilles)

Special new season reduced price before 01/12 : 40€

Details and registration :

Basic Movements (FR)


Below you will find the terms and conditions of courses by Eve. Please read them before signing up.

Conditions stages Eve
(only available in French at the moment)

Classical Oriental dance themes

- Introduction to oriental dance
- Basic movements of Oriental dance
- Shimmy shakedown
- Undulations
- Figure eight and circle movements
- Arabesques and leg movements
- Dance with the veil
- Floor dance / Sword dance

Traditional dances themes

Danse d'Al Andalous

Rythmes originaux et mouvements gracieux issus de l'ancienne culture arabe de la péninsule ibérique.

Saidi and cane dance (Assaya)

Typical movements and sequences, rhythmic work. Ergonomic and "live" use of the cane.

Egyptian Baladi

Musical structure and atmosphere of traditional baladi, sensual mouvements and typical combinations, body stance, improvisation.

Introduction to Moroccan Chaabi

Deciphering the rhythm of Chaabi, body stance, typical movements, festive Moroccan-style atmosphere.

Introduction to Turkish Gypsy dance (Roman Havasi)

Deciphering Roman rhythm (9/8), typical pelvic movements and expressive gestures. Technique and improvisation.

Projects with musicians

Projet Angham

Dance workshops with musicians for a complete experience of classical Oriental dance. In-depth approach to rhythm and musicality. See Projects