Eve Oriental Dance

Oriental dance shows

In Eastern cultures, a party is not a party without musicians and, of course, without "belly dancing" which brings joy to partners and which radiates happiness to all present.


"A Thousand and One Nights"

Eve has a range of different types of shows on offer for artistic and cultural projects, as well as for festive occasions.

Her warm, refined and authentic style is sure to please everyone in the audience and people from the East appreciate her eastern feeling.

Stage version

Eastern dance performances with music and costumes originating from various styles and countries. Un voyage rythmé et coloré dans la diversité du monde oriental.

Evening version

Eastern dance show in an intimate and festive atmosphere, dance styles from Egypt and Lebanon.



Classical Oriental dance

- Raqs essharqi : Middle Eastern dance with complex movements, sensual and refined
- Dance with the veil

Popular Oriental dance

- Baladi : citadine dance of the Egyptian women, sensual and earthy
- Saaidi : traditional Egyptian dance, dynamic and joyful
- Chaabi : modern oriental "pop" style, rousing for the public

Poetic dances

- Arab-andalusian : graceful dance of the Arabo-Andalusian courts
- Sword dance : a fascinating dance that combines suppleness and balance (where appropriate)

Glimpse other countries

Khaleegy (Middle East), Moroccan Chaabi, Turkish gypsy

Taj, The eternal love

Coming up

Taj, The eternal love

A moving show in which narration, theatre, traditional Indian dances and Bollywood come together, with artists from India and Europe. Delve into the legendary love story behind the building of the Taj Mahal.

Eve takes part as a dancer

Next performance :
28th April 2017 - 18:30
Bozar - Brussels
Info / tickets : Bozar

Beside the fire, as the wood burns black, A laughing dancer in veils of light, Whose dance transforms the darkness to gold.
Abu Abd Allah Ben Abi Khisal