Oriental dance shows

In Eastern cultures, a party is not a party without "belly dancing" which radiates happiness to all present. Put stars in the eyes of your guests and rhythm in your event !

A Thousand and One Nights

Eve has a range of shows on offer for artistic, cultural and festive projects. Her warm, refined and authentic style is sure to please everyone in the audience and people from the East appreciate her eastern feeling.

Classical Oriental dance
Classical Oriental dance

Stage version

Eastern dance performances from various styles and countries. A travel throught the diversity of the Oriental and the Gypsy world.

Evening version

Eastern dance show in an intimate and festive atmosphere, dance styles from Egypt and Lebanon.

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Classical Oriental dance : Middle Eastern dance with sensual and refined movements (Raqs el sharqi)
Dance with the veil, Sword dance (Raqs el Seif), Arab-Andalusian (Muwashshahat)
Baladi and Saaidi (Egypt), Khaleegy (Gulf countries), Chaabi (Morocco)
Gypsy dances (Turkish, Eastern Europe)

Photos & videos

Beside the fire, as the wood burns black,
A laughing dancer in veils of light,
Whose dance transforms the darkness to gold.
Abu Abd Allah Ben Abi Khisal